A Surprise Homecoming

This surprise homecoming comes to us from Kelsey Erin Photography!  Here are a few words about the day…

This homecoming on board Camp Pendleton was truly one of my favorites. Lcpl Solis who was just recently back from a previous deployment was sent to Afghanistan on what was suppose to be a relatively short three month deployment. Just days before he was due back home, Camp Bastion was attacked and his unit was asked to stay to continue the security efforts. Two months later than originally planned, Lcpl Solis was heading home to a beautiful girlfriend and adoring family with a BIG surprise. When her son left, Lcpl Solis’s mother set out on a mission of her own to lose some weight and lose it she did, 110LBs of it! Though her son knew she had taken on the challenge he had no idea the level of success she had achieved, to say he was shocked was an understatement! Spending just a little over 2 hours with this family was all it took for me to fall in love with them. They were so sweet to and supportive of each other. His parents had not only prepared welcome home signs for their own son but also for several of his friends who weren’t able to have family there to greet them. All together it was just an amazing homecoming to be a part of!

WWII Inspired USMC Elopement

This intimate WWII Inspired USMC Elopement comes to us from Suzanne Garland Photography!  Here are a few words about the day…

Jessica and Ryan were a great start to 2013. First wedding of the year and I couldn’t be happier to have captured this special moment in their lives!
Here are some words from Jessica, the bride.  “As a bride who wants to have their special day captured in timeless photographs, Suzanne did exactly just that. As a bride who’s Marine would be deploying a couple weeks after their wedding, Suzanne took it an extra step further by providing a dreamy environment, detailed direction and a comfortable atmosphere. We are thrilled to have these memories captured to help ease deployment and to have forever.”

USMC Homecoming Photography

Today we feature an emotional Marine Corps homecoming from Autumn Harrison Photography!   Here are a few words from her about the day…

I cannot express how much my heart was filled with such joy while photographing a Daddy coming home to his two girls!  This is my second homecoming and my love for them keeps growing!!  Jamie emailed me a couple months ago explaining her hubby’s arrival.  Mark has been deployed two times already but this time he was coming home to something extra special.  When Mark left for the third time Jaime was pregnant with their first child, Maggie.  Mark was now going to meet his “Daddy’s Girl” (even writing this still gives me chills).  Getting to watch something that amazing…a Daddy looking into his baby girl’s eyes for the first time after spending months over seas fighting for our country is truly a breath taking experience.  I will NEVER forget this session!

Rebecca Robson - Autumn, I had to stop myself from crying when I read the sign ‘Captain Parmenter, your girls are right here!’ Then the embrace between husband and wife and the first cuddle – chills, smiles, tears and joy! Awesome work as usual!!’
Bec x

Navy Officer Engagement Session

Today we are featuring a Navy officer engagement session from  Christy Nicole Photography!  Here are a few words about the couple!

I was so honored to capture Cory and Melissa’s engagement session. Cory is an officer in the Navy and Melissa proudly supports him. For their session they both really wanted a location that would reflect that. When I came across Seaport Village in San Diego, I knew it would be the perfect spot for them. Its so charming and it over looks a marina of beautiful sailboats, which was very fitting for their session. The lighting couldn’t have been more perfect that day and we made sure to take full advantage of it too. As the sun was setting, Cory changed into his Navy whites and Melissa slipped into her pretty dress to finish their session. The passion Cory and Melissa have for each other is more then evident and it was reflected in their photos.

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Military Love

Today we are featuring two lovely photo shoots from Sarah Kathleen Photography!  Here are a few words about the first photo shoot!

Garrett and Lauryn are two of the goofiest people who really know how to have fun together. Laughter and messing around is an integral part of their relationship, which was a BLAST to photograph. Before the session, I had asked them both to write love letters to one another (without sharing them, of course). Then during the session, I invited them to read them to each other. Needless to say, it was a beautiful moment to witness. I have such a HUGE respect for our service men, and an equal admiration and inspiration for the women behind those men. It’s always such an honor to photograph the bond and relationship they have. Garrett and Lauryn were no exception. 

Sarah had written out their proposal story for me when their engagement and wedding photos were featured on Intimate weddings last year.
“It was the day before thanksgiving when I flew back from Australia where I had been living for the past ten months. Travis greeted me at the airport with a big smile on his face and my open arms. I had a giant leap, hug and kiss for him. It had been almost five months since we had seen each other. The drive back home for LA was amazing, if you can imagine that. When we got home we made the rounds to see all of our families but Travis was anxious to sneak away to our favorite place to watch the sunset when we go home (it’s our secret spot). We sat on our favorite blanket in our favorite place.  As the sun began to set, Travis turned to face me on one knee and asked me if I remembered how we had tried and failed to find me a gum-ball machine ring to wear while I was away. I laughed and said that I did. Then he said he never did find one, so he went and had one made. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a plastic gum-ball container, opened it, pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him.  I said “Yes!” in a very dramatic way thinking he was playing with me.  Travis then said “No, Sarah, it’s real!” He asked me to marry him again and put the ring on my finger. Of course I said “Yes!!” Two weeks later he left for six months deployment on a submarine in the US Navy. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.  I would wait a century for him to come back to me.”

Sarah Kathleen - The feature is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for having me on your blog :) I feel so honored.

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