Military Love

Today we are featuring two lovely photo shoots from Sarah Kathleen Photography!  Here are a few words about the first photo shoot!

Garrett and Lauryn are two of the goofiest people who really know how to have fun together. Laughter and messing around is an integral part of their relationship, which was a BLAST to photograph. Before the session, I had asked them both to write love letters to one another (without sharing them, of course). Then during the session, I invited them to read them to each other. Needless to say, it was a beautiful moment to witness. I have such a HUGE respect for our service men, and an equal admiration and inspiration for the women behind those men. It’s always such an honor to photograph the bond and relationship they have. Garrett and Lauryn were no exception. 

Sarah had written out their proposal story for me when their engagement and wedding photos were featured on Intimate weddings last year.
“It was the day before thanksgiving when I flew back from Australia where I had been living for the past ten months. Travis greeted me at the airport with a big smile on his face and my open arms. I had a giant leap, hug and kiss for him. It had been almost five months since we had seen each other. The drive back home for LA was amazing, if you can imagine that. When we got home we made the rounds to see all of our families but Travis was anxious to sneak away to our favorite place to watch the sunset when we go home (it’s our secret spot). We sat on our favorite blanket in our favorite place.  As the sun began to set, Travis turned to face me on one knee and asked me if I remembered how we had tried and failed to find me a gum-ball machine ring to wear while I was away. I laughed and said that I did. Then he said he never did find one, so he went and had one made. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a plastic gum-ball container, opened it, pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him.  I said “Yes!” in a very dramatic way thinking he was playing with me.  Travis then said “No, Sarah, it’s real!” He asked me to marry him again and put the ring on my finger. Of course I said “Yes!!” Two weeks later he left for six months deployment on a submarine in the US Navy. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.  I would wait a century for him to come back to me.”

Sarah Kathleen - The feature is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for having me on your blog :) I feel so honored.

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Marine Corps Homecoming

This Marine Corps homecoming comes to us from “A Beautiful Moment” Photography by Megan!  Here are a few words about this exciting day.

When I was asked to photograph this homecoming, I jumped with excitement.  I love the anticipation, joy, tears and all of the emotions that come with a homecoming.  This Marine was coming home from a deployment that was about 7 months long.  Prior to this deployment he was only home for two months.  Needless to say, this family was ready to have him home.  We watched four C-130′s land, taxi & park.  The Marines lined up in formation, and we waited.  The moment they were given the “all clear” his son was off.  I had a tough time keeping up.  One by one the kiddos took off and met their daddy…and they wouldn’t let go.  What an amazing day!

One Frame Fridays

This adorable image for One Frame Fridays come to us from Kathleen Clipper Photography!  Click the link to read more!

Marine Corps Engagement Photography

This wonderful Marine Corps engagement photo shoot comes to us from Amanda Castle Photography!  Here are a few words from the couple, Beth & Zach:

“Six weeks. We were together for only six weeks before Zach mentioned that he was considering enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. According to most, we had every reason in the world to end it right then and there: our lives were heading in completely opposite directions with no way of knowing what our future would bring. Amidst so many uncertainties of military life, however, we knew that our relationship was special. Together, we made the decision to dive into the world of long distance, defined by boot camp, trainings, and eventually, a deployment to Afghanistan.

Since the Marine Corps played a tremendous role in the past four years of our lives, we wanted our engagement shoot to reflect the same sense of love, duty, and sacrifice found within our relationship. We incorporated various elements into our photo shoot, including hundreds of hand-written letters that we have sent back and forth and an American flag that Zach had flown over the base in Afghanistan in honor of my birthday. Additionally, we included the “True Love Waits” ring that Zach gave me before he left for the Marines, symbolizing our constant state of waiting: waiting on that weekly letter during boot camp, waiting for a day off from training so we can see each other, and waiting for him to fly 7,000 miles across the world & back into my arms. And now? Now we’re simply waiting for the wedding to arrive and the long distance to end!

As an artist and designer, I had a clear vision for the engagement shoot… and Amanda captured it perfectly. She discovered the greatest backdrops for telling our story in the little town of Walnut Cove, North Carolina, including some of the quaintest rustic buildings and a gorgeous vineyard. She even managed to convince a local airport to let us take pictures on the airstrip! We had an absolute blast as she focused on all of the little details that make our long distance military love story so personal and unique, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our photographs.”

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Patriotic Family Session

This beautiful Army family session comes to us from Lauren Riggs Photography!  Here are a few words about the session:

I was thrilled to work with this family again to set up a Patriotic mini session. They are always a joy to work with and are such a beautiful family. This shoot was extra special since Jennyfer was in the process of becoming a citizen at the time. She is a beautiful army wife and mother of an adorable little boy, which you can see is a sweetheart and so in love with his daddy.