A Lovely USMC Engagement

This lovely USMC engagement photo shoot comes to us from Magdalene Photography!  Here is a few words from the bride to be, Danielle..

“Everyday is one day closer to you,” this quote has become one that I live by and often remind myself when the wait seems impossible. Vito and I started dating in high school; just like any other high school relationship we began talking about what our next big step was. I had always wanted to go off to a four-year college and he wasn’t too sure. We had been together for about six months when the talk of the Marines came up. I of course became emotional right away thinking about the negatives that went along with it. He was excited and passionate about it like I had been about college. So, instead of walking away from it I stood right beside him supporting his decision to enlist. Our long distance relationship began when he left for boot camp and since then we have gone though multiple trainings, a deployment and living across the country from one another in the last three years.

Being with someone in the military you cannot decide when you want to see one another, the Marines decide for you. Our proposal is a story that I will never get tired of telling. It was my spring break of college and I had decided to visit Vito in Hawaii, where he is stationed, during is pre-deployment leave. When it was time for me to come back home Vito surprised me by telling me that he was coming home with me. I was beyond excited; I had thought that when I was leaving Hawaii I wouldn’t see him for 7 months. Once he got home he took me back to the tree where we had carved our initials in a year prior. There he had rose petals spread all around the tree with a bouquet of flowers leaning against it with his iPod softly playing our song. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I could not have been happier in that moment. Now, we await the day of the wedding, the day for our lives to begin of finally being able to live together. And for our happily ever after to start.


An Emotional Homecoming [Video!]

This amazing homecoming story comes to us from Jess Renee Photography!  Here are a few words about their emotional story…

I am ecstatic to share this story with the Rally Point blog readers!  I knew this homecoming would be extra special since it was the first time Nick was meeting his newborn daughter.  I photographed a fusion session for their family the night before Nick left for his deployment.  Abbie’s baby bump was barely showing and in the back of my mind I kept thinking that so much was going to happen while he was gone.  Abbie & I are neighbors and best friends, so I was fortunate to be with Abbie during the birth of Penelope.  While I was creating the homecoming video, I realized that highlighting not only the actual homecoming, but also a little bit of the journey, was essential in telling their story.  I wanted to share with the world a piece of the sacrifice military members and their families have to make.  Abbie was here manning the fort and taking care of 3 kids solo.  I did not want that story to be lost.  We had a lot going against us during the homecoming.  The plane was 2 hours late.  It started raining.  We decided to go visit the restroom and grab some snacks after hearing the plane was going to be a bit longer, only to find out Nick had already landed.  We literally ran into him on the way back to the terminal.  Thankfully, it all worked out and I was able to capture the beautiful reunion of this wonderful family.  I am so happy this family is back together & so thankful they will have this video to document these special memories.


Sasha Holloway - I love Jess and I love this. AMAZING ..

Kristi James - OH my goodness. I know this exact feeling as i had my son while my husband was deployed. This brought memories flooding back. What a beautiful story and I love the incorporation of the video :) LOVE

Jenne Vazquez - Sitting here holding back tears, beautiful story, beautifully put together and thumbs up to the artist who put this together! xoxo

Marine Corps Film Engagement

This wonderful film Marine Corps engagement session comes to us from Heather Payne Photography!  Here are a few words from Katie, the bride…

Nate and I met in 2007 at a basketball camp in Yakima, WA. He was a camp counselor, 19, from Minnesota and in his freshman year of college. I was a camper, 17, from Nebraska and a senior in high school. After returning home to our respective states, we kept in touch, updating each other on our weekly basketball games. We ended up talking quite a bit, told each other we had feelings for one another, but decided it was best we were just friends at the time. At Thanksgiving that year, my freshman year in college, my family decided to make a weekend trip to Minnesota, where I was able to catch up with Nate (finally) and we went to dinner. During dinner he told me he had something he needed to tell me. He told me he had joined the Marines and that he was leaving for boot camp right after Christmas. He proceeded to tell me he had feelings for me and wanted to be more than friends. We started dating, wrote as much as we could during boot camp, survived boot camp, and then he got orders to Japan for 2 years. I knew Japan would either make us or break us. It completely made us. I was only able to see him twice in 2 years, but I wouldn’t change a second of it for what it has done for our relationship. After his two years in Japan, he was sent to North Carolina, where he currently is stationed. All through college I have made as many trips as humanly possible out to see him and vice versa. On New Years Day, 2012, Nate got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said yes! So, after five years of long distance, we will close that chapter on April 6th. We will finally get to ride the same plane home together. Nate is making a career out of it, so we will call the USMC home for the next 15 years.  Heather did such a fantastic job capturing our love for each other. I still look at those pictures daily and cannot thank her enough for the amazing work she did.

One Final USMC Homecoming

Today this special Marine Corps homecoming comes to us from Rach Lea Photography!  Here are a few words about the session…
To say that having Scott home was a relief I think would be an understatement. This was Melissa’s THIRD, yes you ready that right THIRD homecoming in THREE years. I think she deserves a pat on the back for being an incredible woman and Marine wife! This was the best of all, though.  Scott was home for good. He would be reenlisting and headed to a job that was non-deployable for 3 years. So the look of relief was in Melissa’s eyes and I am so thankful that even though I sadly wasn’t available to document the first two that I was able to capture her FINAL homecoming.

High school Sweethearts USMC Engagement

This very sweet high school sweethearts USMC engagement photo shoot comes to us from Amber Joy Photography!  Here are a few words about the couple…
Aaron and Tasha started dating right before their Freshman year in high school and met at recess. They continued to date throughout high school until Aaron proposed their senior year, on Tasha’s 18th birthday. A long engagement was to follow. Aaron had gone off to boot camp and as soon as he returned home they were married on April 9, 2011. Since then, they have moved across the country together and have missed a lot of birthdays, holidays and anniversaries with Aaron’s busy training schedules and his deployment to Afghanistan. Tasha contacted me last summer all the way from California to tell me that they would be coming home to New England in the fall and would love to have an anniversary shoot with me. Their anniversary was in April but Aaron had just returned from his deployment in September so they couldn’t be together. I was thrilled. As the wife of a former Marine, anything about the Marine Corps. inspires me and it’s not often I get to do this sort of thing.  This couple was everything I thought they’d be and more. So respectful and kind, with a brand new kind of love. The weather was cool and crisp, which made for a lot of snuggling to keep warm. The leaves were incredibly bright with beautiful sunshine bursting through. Tasha told me later that the beautiful foliage we have in New England was the reason she wanted her shoot to be there.  For the second location we went to a big field with tall grass for more of a simple backdrop. I will always love these photos and I admire so much the commitment to each other these two have. I pray it continues for the rest of their lives.