A First Homecoming

This homecoming comes to us from Angels Ink Photography!  Here are a few words from Tasha about her husbands homecoming!

This being our first deployment, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Saying good-bye was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I knew this deployment wasn’t going to be easy but I told myself I would make the best of it. I needed to stay strong and keep things together at home so my husband wouldn’t have to worry, and he could stay focused on his missions. 8 months flew by! Before I knew it was time to get cleaning! Of course everything needed to be perfect, even though he didn’t even notice how clean everything was! The night before Michael’s homecoming I was restless. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. I kept Daisy up with me. She couldn’t wait to see her daddy either.

The long awaiting day had finally arrived! I was up hours early to make sure everything about Daisy and I were perfect; hair, makeup, outfit, collar, and leash. And of course we were running about 5 minutes late. But still, early for Michael’s return. As Daisy and I were driving to 41 Area I looked to my left and saw the three ships out in the ocean. Talk about butterflies! We arrive, I get daisy her food and water and I do some finishing touches to myself. Trying to keep Daisy under control was a challenge. Every man she saw in uniform, I swear she thought was her daddy.

We finally got word that the guys were off the boat and headed to greet their loved ones. Major butterflies! They drive past us, unload their vehicle’s, and all of a sudden they are walking towards us! My heart dropped. I couldn’t believe Michael was only feet away from me. I ran to greet him with open arms. Never, ever has a hug and kiss felt so good. I didn’t want to let go of him but Daisy needed to great her daddy too. That was the moment I had waited EIGHT months for! All the nights spent alone, tears that were shed and weeks without communication was all worth it for that one special moment.

Tasha Heasley

USMC Anniversary Photo Shoot

This lovely Marine Corps anniversary photo shoot comes to us from Jenneffer Vazquez Photography!  Here are a few words about the lovely shoot:

Erika and John are such a fun couple, they called me up a few months ago to schedule an anniversary shoot to celebrate another year together. Love these guys because they have a way of just making anything fun, John constantly makes Erika laugh and smile and they are not afraid to dance at the beat of their own drum. The day of our session was beautiful, it had cooled down just enough and the sun was shinning through the leaves.  They wanted a sort of vintage feel for their portraits so John wore his Marine Corps uniform and Erika a very adorable burgundy lace shirt with short sleeves to show off her awesome tattoos, her look completed with classic red lipstick. This session was one of my favorite couple’s sessions ever, it even included a little bit of dancing!

Jenneffer Vazquez - What an honor to be featured on your blog! This was definitely a very fun couple, Thank you so much :)

Erika Ward - That’s me and my husband! I absolutely loved shooting with Jenne and the pictures turned out absolutely amazing!