An Army Father & His Daughter.


This adorable daddy & daughter session comes to us from Morgan Slade Photography!  Here are a few words from her about the session…

Back in May my husband took me to the annual military ball. My little girl thought it was enchanting to see her mommy dressed in a real ball gown and her daddy in his dress blue uniform (Army). Ever since she had been talking about the day when she would get to go to the ball with her daddy. Right before my husband left for a mission we decided that we would surprise her and let her go to her own special ball. I wish I could do justice to the emotion present during “her ball.” I’ve never seen my little girl happier. It was as if the whole experience enabled her to truly believe in magical moments and look forward to more. I love that I had the opportunity to capture the raw emotion and happiness of that day and freeze it in time forever. I’m so grateful for pictures and  the “fairy tales,” they enable me to tell.

Headband by: Jen’s Bowdacious Bows


One Frame Fridays


This beautiful, intimate wedding photo comes to us from McKenna Pendergrass Photography!  A few words from her about this lovely photo…

My husband and I got a call from his sister Sveta letting us know that “guess what?” she was getting married…  in a week… and it was going to be a surprise!  Apparently her fiance was going to be home on leave for a long weekend, and they decided that the big family BBQ that they were attending would be the perfect opportunity to get married.  They only told a few key people the details (they had to make sure I brought my camera after all;))  but other than that, they kept the entire thing a secret.  You can imagine everyone’s surprise when Joey’s dad started playing “Going to the Chapel” over the speakers and the balcony doors opened to reveal Sveta in her white dress holding a bouquet.  Their wedding was everything that I think a wedding should be…  intimate, romantic, a little bit silly, and entirely focused on the love of two people.

Military Inspiration Photo Shoot

 This gorgeous military inspired session comes to us from Morgan Slade Photography!  Here are a few words from her about the shoot.

I organized this inspiration shoot as a kind of symbolic gesture to tell a story of how our lives may be interrupted by periods of separation from the one we love the most but the unique love we have for one another can stand not only the test of time but the test of distance and war.

Anthony and McKall are a real couple recently reunited with each other after Anthony was gone for nearly six months of basic training. We did this shoot about two weeks after Anthony returned home; consequently, the feelings of excitement and pure joy of having each other close once again are apparent in the photographs. I love the realness and genuine nature of this session. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and “chapter,” in our ongoing story.

Don’t forget to view the video at the end!

Videography: A. Green Design

Event Planning: Cake for Two

Bouquet and hair piece: Jen’s Bowdacious Bows

Hair and Make-up: Lisa Frehner

Wedding Dress: Danielle’s Bridal

Jewelry: You Name it by Sarah

Photography: Morgan Slade Photography



Military Bridal Session from A. Green Films on Vimeo.

Fly In Homecoming

This gorgeous homecoming comes to us from Kristi James Photography!  Here are a few words from her about this lovely family…

I did Sara’s maternity and newborn photos a few months back. Tim was able to come home on R & R and meet his new daughter.  Fast forward and Sara asked me to photograph Tim’s homecoming. OF course I was going to be there! I wouldn’t miss it for anything! She told me the round about date and as it got closer.. dates changed. The dates changed every couple days. These poor guys started their journey in one month and ended it in another. There was delay after delay after delay. I was getting scared that my availability wouldn’t be favorable for the homecoming. Luckily, I have a great support system that can watch my own kids at a moment’s notice. When Sara told me it was a for sure GO and the would land at 6:00p.m. I was so excited for her! She had waited about a month from the original date. I rushed to get there in time and made it with time to spare. All the ladies were so excited and nervous and anxious all at the same time! You could FEEL the excitement! I always love photographing homecomings, but when you have met the family before and have history with them, it makes it that much more special. They flew in at around 6:07p.m. and the families rushed the jets! It was beautiful. The lighting was AMAZING!! It couldn’t have been a more perfect night!

Marine Maternity Session

This beautiful maternity session comes to us from Amber Hope Photography!  A few words from her about the session… This sweet couple, Adrian and Gina, were anticipating the arrival of their first little one. I wanted to do something special, something different. After speaking with Gina we decided to do somewhat of a themed session. We both loved the 1940’s photographs with the men kissing their wives from the trains. That is what inspired the location we chose to photograph their session