Navy Homecoming Photography

This emotional navy homecoming comes to us from Christy Nicole Photography!  What an amazing day!  Here are a few words from Christy about the day…

Capturing a couple reuniting after a long deployment is such a moving and emotional event to experience. I love this kind of session for the celebration, real emotions, and unpredictability. Everyone holds their breath as their loved ones walk down the brow, not knowing how each other will react. I was so honored I was there to photograph Amanda reuniting with her boyfriend, Sean, after seven months out to sea on the USS George H.W. Bush. I couldn’t help but get tears in my eyes when I saw how much love and sacrifice they have for their country and their loved ones. Living the military life myself, I can relate to the amount of longing and emotional rollercoaster that comes with these deployments, but in the end, it makes it worth your commitment and patience the day your loved one returns home.

The day was filled with beautiful music and anticipation as everyone waited patiently, hours on end, in the bitter cold of December in Norfolk, VA. As the ship was mooring to the pier, Michael Buble’s song “Home” played while the crowd cheered for their Sailors. I really wanted to capture the little details of the day, such as Amanda’s cold hands, the abundant American flags flying in the air, and of course Sean giving Amanda her beautiful red roses.  These little things are what made the occasion as special as it was. No words could really describe how touching and uplifting this session was for me, and I know Sean and Amanda will treasure this memory – captured in still photographs – forever.

Photography by: Christy Nicole Photography

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