Marine Corps Sweethearts

This fun session comes to us from StarkLove Photography!  Here are a few words about the session!

When we first got contacted by this Marine wife, we were excited!  Our first military couple!  They were given orders to be relocated across the seas and before they went she wanted photos taken.  After tossing ideas back and forth via email we settled on a simple location with a shipping out theme.  My husband, an avid military supporter, was anxious to shake this Marine’s hand and give a big “thanks”, and after the two hour session, we were smitten with these two and their love for each other.  He’s calm and quiet.  She’s vibrant and energetic.  And the two of them made a fun pair to photograph!

Photography by:

Amanda Miller - So cute!!!

Micah G Robinson | Nashville, TN Wedding Photographer - How cute is it?!?
Love this session.

Really feels vintage

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