WWII Inspired Engagement Photography

So… I don’t like to choose favorites – but are you kidding me with these WWII Inspired Photos? Oh my word, they are fantastic!  They come to us from Joe Connolly of Chugach Peaks Photography!  I do not think these photos can get any better.  I love their outfits, the locations, the b&w conversions, the weather, everything!  Here are a few words from bride Megan:

“Vance and I are both Captains in the US Army; I am a Medical Service officer, and Vance is a Logistics officer. We didn’t want a “normal” photo shoot of us smiling in street clothes, so we tried to think of something out of the box but still “us”. Vance is a big collector of vintage American militaria, so we thought it would be fun to do a shoot with a couple of uniforms he had. This way our engagement shoot would do double duty by showing off our military background and our hobbies (him = collecting, me = dressing up). And we knew just the photographer to do the idea justice!

I am wearing a WWII American Red Cross uniform Vance found (no rank). Vance’s uniform is a WWII Ike jacket worn by a family friend who was a private in the War. The patch on the shoulder is for the US 9th Army (no longer active, but was in Europe during WWII), and the patch near the bottom of the sleeve is called a “Meritorious Unit Award” (also a design no longer used by the Army). The triangle above the pocket is an honorable discharge emblem used at the end of WWII.”

Photography by: Chugach Peaks Photography

patty barron - what beautiful photos…it’s very true, a pictureis worth a thousand stories. beautiful!

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