Sweet Homecoming Photography

This homecoming photo shoot was taken by me! Kathleen Amelia.  Hands down, top 3 favorite homecomings I have ever done.  I started my career four years ago photographing just homecomings – so they hold a big place in my heart.  I always get so excited for the family, and even get a little emotional.  I think I cry at other peoples homecomings more than mine! (haha)

I was so happy when Hannah contacted me to photograph Brandon’s homecoming.  He is a pilot in the Marine Corps & shortly after he came home he became a pilot for the Blue Angels team.  How amazing is that?  Capturing the first time that Brandon was seeing Riley walk for the first time was so heartwarming and inspirational.  This is why I became a photographer.  Moments like those, that you wish to keep forever.  Here are my very favorites from that day.  Enjoy!

Photography by: Kathleen Amelia

Sarah Murphy - Absolutely gorgeous and moving.

arielle - Kathleen, I just wanna say u do an amazing thing for these families! These photos got me so emotional. They’re just amazing and this family had such beautiful moments. Never stop sharing your gift!

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