Daddy is Home – just in time!

When I saw this session from Lizvette Wreath Photography – I knew I had to feature it!  And you will see why – just read on!

The story behind this birth is simply amazing. He missed the whole pregnancy because he was deployed to Iraq. After a couple false alarms, the baby decided to wait a little longer. On Thanksgiving Day, I wake up to a text message from her mom telling me that her water broke. I rushed to the hospital with my camera, feeling super excited and nervous since this was my first birth! We waited, everything was progressing perfectly. When his plane landed she was fully dilated. He rushed to the hospital leaving his baggage behind since the hospital was one hour away. He made it on time and got to see his wife pregnant for the first time. As soon as he gave her a kiss, the nurse sat him down. It was time for his wife to start pushing. Everything was happening so fast, so perfect, simply amazing. They welcomed their first baby that evening. I had the honor to document every little detail!

My advice for photographing births:
-Keep your phone very close around the due date.
-Bump your ISO in low light situations! Try to avoid flash and harsh shadows.
-Everything can happen really fast. Keep a Fast shutter speed to avoid blurry photos.
-Don’t forget the little details!
-Give the family their space. Be invisible.
-Make sure your photos tell a story. Don’t snap away.
-Have fun!

Photography By: Lizvette Wreath Photography

Helen Murphy - What wonderful images! They tell such an amazing story of love! (And incidentally, we had our last two children at the SAME hospital -Bayne Jones Army Community Hospital at Fort Polk! Looks like a renovation has happened since then)

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