Heaven Needed a Hero

Today we feature the “Heaven Needed a Hero” session from Oh Penelope Photography!  Many of you have seen this amazing session already – and I felt like I should share more and more since it was done so well & has such a strong message.   A few words from Oh Penelope Photography:

This project was close to my heart. I always struggle with how to describe it, or what to say about it, as the subject matter is something to be revered and respected. The couple in the photos are a real life Marine couple, who volunteered to help me make this concept come to life. I planned for months, deciding how exactly I wanted everything to be shot. When it all came together, I was breathless. It had more of an impact, even on me, than I ever expected. I teared up editing the images. It all hit so close to home, with my husband being a Marine, and having photographed military families my entire career. I would say that 90% of my clients have served in some capacity, and it makes me insanely proud to acknowledge that fact. But, I digress. This shoot, entitled “Heaven Needed a Hero”, is something that came out of love and respect for those who are gone and those who have lost.

Photography By: Oh Penelope Photography

jamie lynn - Beautiful and touching. I’m teared up =)

Alexandra M - This brought tears to my eyes, so hauntingly beautiful

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