Sweet Little Military Babies

These photographs of sweet little military babies are from the work of Kristi James.  I just love the sweet & soft feel of her work, and the photos that she captures.  Here are a few words from Kristi herself:
Photographing babies and children is no easy task. It is definitely challenging, yet so very rewarding when you see the final image. I have been photographing babies for over 9 years and I must say that each baby and child is different. I feel overjoyed after each session  because the babies have such sweet little personalities. Photographing them involves making a complete fool of yourself sometimes. You’ll find yourself making the weirdest noises and jumping around like a lunatic. I don’t know what it is about doing those things that babies and children find so funny, but they do and it works 98% of the time. If your finding that just talking to  the baby isn’t getting smiles or attention, then you will most definitely have to make a fool of yourself. Make loud noises, funny faces, sing silly songs, whatever it takes to make the baby/child have fun. You will want to be down on their level. It’s much less intimidating to them when you are on their level and they can see you eye to eye. There are shots you will want to get over head, but be on their level to start with. Have mom or dad nearby not only for the babies attention, but mainly for safety. Safety is very important. It’s been a major focal point for photographers lately about safety during a session. A parent should always always be within arms reach regardless of what spot they are in.  Never place a baby in a dangerous spot, such as up high on something.

Photography by: Kristi James

Kim Ogden - I love these pictures of military babies! A few years ago I was a drill instructor at PI with a new baby and I so wish I would have had a session like this! Great job! I love them all!

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